Wine and Architecture1

We have built a unique itinerary that brings wine, architecture, and gastronomy together — a true journey for the senses. You will visit the most beautiful cellars and find out how the needs of some influenced the solutions of others.



  • Your journey starts in the magical city of Lisbon with a 3-night stay to get to know the city and its surroundings


  • Then make your way towards the southern region of Alentejo and its remarkable wines and cellars carrying vast architectural meaning


  • This itinerary is perfect for small groups – minimum of 6

We plan each journey around you, so this suggested itinerary is a starting point that we can fine-tune or transform into something that fits you. Contact us and let us know what you’re looking for.

Portuguese wine produced in Alentejo is getting more and more interesting and well-known. The tradition of making wine in Alentejo, a province in the southern region of Portugal, dates back to the Phoenicians, before the Roman Empire occupied the area.


Since then, wine has been heavily produced here. In the 16th century, wine production in Alentejo was flourishing, but in the 18th century, producers were forced to destroy a significant percentage of their vineyards to protect the business of Douro wines. Only in the 19th century they were able to start growing their grapes again, only to see them destroyed again by the terrible phylloxera pest.


It is then safe to say Alentejo found its new path in wine production after 1940. In the first years, however, producers would be gathered in winemaking cooperatives, but thanks to the extraordinary performance of their wines, many of the producers began investing in ecotourism, and architecture is a major vessel to attract visitors to their vineyards and cellars.

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Price per person sharing starting at: € 4.750,00 *

(Minimum: group 6 people)

7 nights / 8 days program. 


  • Included:
  • Private transportation throughout the trip
  • 5-star accommodation, sharing a twin/double room
  • 5 dinners and 5 lunches (one of which will be a picnic lunch)
  • Visit to 5 wineries in Alentejo and 1 wine cellar in Colares + wine tasting
  • Historic/architectural visit to Lisbon and Évora
  • Tour of Atlantic Coast, including lunch and visit to one monument in Sintra


  • 24-hour emergency contact and assistance available


* Prices may vary according to traveling dates




These two days are dedicated to Lisbon, the capital city of Portugal, where you will be invited to wander around the streets and delightful corners looking for historic, architectural and gastronomic treasures. We will share some of Lisbon’s best kept secrets allowing you to make the most out of your short yet meaningful stay — sometimes on your own, other times with a specialized guide.


Lisbon, one of the loveliest capitals of Europe and a quiet yet exciting city where you will be able to do anything you dream of. From walking along the narrow streets of the old quarters to resting in the elegant, busy al-fresco cafes and restaurants — or even taking the tram uphill to the São Jorge Castle and the quirky, surrounding neighborhoods — Lisbon has it all.


Accommodation: Heritage Avenida da Liberdade Hotel. A boutique hotel with outstanding location and service.



This day will be devoted to the romantic landscape, luxuriant gardens, wide beaches stretching along the ocean, and elegant small towns by the sea: Lisbon’s Atlantic coast. Time to taste an exotic wine of the region and enjoy a fish and seafood late lunch at a restaurant overlooking the stunning ocean.


Sintra is certainly one of Europe’s most romantic cities, with its gardens with trees and plants brought from the five continents, the fairy tale palaces, everything taking us back to a time when beauty and harmony were the most perfect symbiosis.


Since the main focus here is wine, you will visit Portugal’s oldest cellar, in Colares, where this region’s wine is produced. These are unique, distinct wines greatly appreciated by connoisseurs and often hoisted up to genuine rarities, yet barely known in foreign lands. Their special traits lean upon a handful of factors: in addition to being produced under singular climate conditions, soil is most definitely everything here, as it is solely vines growing low along sandy topsoils anchored into heavy clays below the sand. Also, the grape varieties are exclusive of the region: Ramisco (reds), high in acid and sturdily tannic, aging for years and years until it reaches its full potential, and Malvasia de Colares (whites), fresh, rich, and deep flavors.


Due to its particularities, Colares wine is something to wish for on any given day, since it could be the last time you try some, thanks to the hardships in keeping the vineyards alive.



These five days will be reserved for wine and architecture touring in Alentejo. You will visit the most modern and gorgeous cellars, taste the most exclusive wines, and learn everything that is to know about every single one of them. As great wine goes hand in hand with great food, we will take you to tiny, most genuine, traditionally Portuguese restaurants, where people gather to chit-chat, discuss football or play cards, and where you will definitely be treated like a local.


In addition to wine, most wineries are also investing in contemporary, sleek restaurants led by celebrated chefs who create modern dishes using traditional and local products and reinventing the rich Mediterranean diet from Alentejo.


But we cannot speak of Alentejo without mentioning olive oil, one of the richest nectars there are and that we can find abundantly in this region. And since this is an architectural tour as well, there is a place where a visit is more than mandatory, the Marmelo Mill, a wonderful, extra-modern mill built to become a change of pace within the cultural and operational strategy of a Portuguese olive oil brand, Oliveira da Serra.


Apart from all of this, our intent is to also surprise you with unexpected sites where you can see and purchase the most traditional crafts from Alentejo, some of which were recently classified as Intangible Cultural Heritage by UNESCO, such as the Estremoz Clay Figures.


Accommodation: São Lourenço do Barrocal – Farmscape Hotel & Retreat. Grace meets rural life in this massive monte alentejano in the countryside, the perfect paradise with beautiful rooms, local gastronomy, and nature in all its glory.

We plan each journey around you, so this suggested itinerary is a starting point that we can fine-tune or transform into something that fits you. Contact us and let us know what you’re looking for.


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