Custom Private Journey

At Journey to Portugal, we strive to show you the best, most exquisite solutions to their traveling needs. The first thing we do is listen, which has been our ally since we first started. The second thing that set us apart is that we are completely flexible and go above and beyond to craft the perfect journey for you, embedding, of course, our own knowledge of the field to tell what works and what could be reshuffled to your taste.


Each individual or group will be provided with a special consultation from us against a list of desires by you, of course. We are here to customize your dream journey and make it your own, albeit unforgettable.


Because we work directly with museums and specialists in a number of realms connected to History, Fashion, Art, Design, Jewelry, Architecture, Food, Wines, and more, we are always ready to render unique experiences to those who look for our exclusive service.


We work independently, but place all of our trust in our partners, who are always there to make the journey even more memorable. Say you are interested in pottery, sculpture, and tiles: our first thought would be to suggest a private visit to particular houses with invaluable tiles or unrivaled sculptures, perhaps a visit to a construction site where you would be able to meet the architect or maybe a guided tour to a museum done by the curator.


All of our journeys include custom itineraries, extraordinary experiences, private guided visits, exceptional food, and…

You just have to talk to us and find out.